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Below some favoured venues of the Toon Army in Singapore for viewing the match!



Lot Stock & Barrel - Seah Street (behind Raffles Hotel)

Great priced beer, good atmosphere, multiple TV screens.

(Pic to follow)



Brewerkz - Riverside Point (Merchant Road)

Great beer brewed onsite, good food, multiple large TV screens. Can get very busy.

(Pic to follow)



Carnegies - Far East Square (Pekin Street)

Good beer, large outdoor screen (so highly dependent on the weather), plenty of post match activity.

(Pic to follow)



Muddy Murphys - Claymore Road (Orchard Hotel S.C.)

Great beer, good atmosphere, rarely screen EPL (only FA Cup / Internationals). Do screen six nations / rugby tournaments - hence more popular with the rugby crowd.

(Pic to follow)



Games normally kick-off at 10pm / 11pm depending on time difference (currently 10pm - with an extra same day match telecast at 12 midnight.)



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